BigParty V

ngBigParty V

April 7 2020

Age of compilers
and A.I.

🚨 The conference is canceled - Read more 🚨

ngBigParty is the largest community conference focused on JavaScript in Czechia. The 5th edition will feature international experts with in-depth talks about various next-generation topics from JavaScript world focused on compilers and A.I.
Join us for an unforgettable day full of technology, networking with local community and much more in beautiful Prague!

  • 1day
  • 1track
  • 10speakers


🚨 Event Cancelled Aug 4th 2020

In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we were all faced with several tough decisions. We were optimistic that the situation will get better soon and we'll be able to do the event in Q3/4 this year. After a long wait and careful monitoring the situation, we had to make the toughest decision event organizers can make.

We’re very sorry to let you know ngBigParty V is cancelled, which we believe is this is the wise and correct decision.


We will refund all purchased conference tickets in 2 upcoming weeks.

Tickets purchased via Goout

To get your money back instead of issued voucher, you'll need to write to Goout directly.

✅ We've prepared this template for you.

Let us know if there will be any further issues.

We’ll be back in 2021. Thank you for your support ❤️.

Best, ngParty Team

🚨 Coronavirus update Mar 15th 2020

We`ve been closely monitoring the situation with the spread of the coronavirus, both in Czech Republic and world-wide. Unfortunately, the situation became very serious and is affecting a lot of events and will definitely affect ngBigParty V. Whatever the outcome, our first priority is to ensure that any activity we do is risk free and the health of the people around the event is our top priority at the moment.

As of today (16.03.2020), the Czech government closed state borders and declared a state of emergency for the upcoming 30 days…

With that said,ngBigParty V is now officially postponed to another date.

The event will take place somewhere in the autumn season, depending on speakers availability with possible line-up modifications. We will be in touch with you, the community, about all relevant info regarding the new date.


We will automatically transfer all purchased conference tickets to the next event.

If you'll have any further questions, ping us on social media or via email.

Best, ngParty Team


  • Andrei Pfeiffer

    Code Designer
    at [e-spres-oh]

    🎤 Simple vs Easy

  • Asim Hussain

    Green Cloud Advocacy Lead
    at Microsoft

    🎤 Make green not grey

  • Lian Li

    Cloud Native Consultant
    at Container Solutions

    🎤 Machine Learning in the browser

  • Sebastian Aigner

    Developer Advocate
    at JetBrains

    🎤 Kotlin goes Web! Exploring the JavaScript target for Kotlin

  • Sebastian Witalec

    Senior Developer Advocate & GDE

    🎤 Building a chatbot for an Angular Application

  • Lili Kastilio

    Lead Engineer
    at Snyk

    🎤 Lessons learned converting Snyk codebase to TypeScript

  • Natalia Vokrouhlecká

    Web Developer
    at MSD

    🎤 Programming for children - tips and tricks

  • Patrick Stapfer

    System Engineer
    at Reason Association

    🎤 The ReasonML Platform

  • Li Hau Tan

    Expert Engineer
    at Shopee

    🎤 Compiling Svelte

  • Boyan Mihaylov

    Software Architect and Developer
    at Fadata

    🎤 Rockstar compilation to WebAssembly


Schedule is not final yet. We'll let you know when it's final. Stay tunned!


Vnitroblock - event hall, Prague

Tusarova 791/31
Praha 7 – Holešovice, Praha 7


We are very grateful and proud of our awesome sponsors.
This community gathering wouldn’t be possible without them.
Thank you!

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is the event for?

    Web developers of all skill levels, mainly focused on JavaScript. Main purpose of this event is to get our community together and have a chance to interact with international web technology experts on the stage. This edition topic is "Javascript, the Age of compilers and A.I.". You as a JavaScript developer will have an unique opportunity to extended your skill set by learning other multi platform languages that gives you another set of superpowers and that compile to JavaScript, thus can be used on the Web. Beside that our talks will include A.I. related content with JavaScript and other valuable information that you can leverage on daily basis at work.

  • What language will the talks be in?

    All talks are being presented in English.

  • Is there gonna be a live-stream?

    No. One of main reasons why we're organizing these events, is a community get-together.

  • Is there gonna be a recordings of all the talks?

    Yes. We'll have professional team to make the recording which will be available online after the conference.

  • Does it cost anything?

    Yes. Although this is a non profit community event, we need funds to make it happen.

  • Will it possible to buy batch tickets?

    Yes. Please drop us an email.

  • Will there be CFP?

    No. We are doing our own research and handpicking all speakers personally.

  • Is this conference only about Angular?

    No. While ng is known as Angular abbreviation in the JS world ngParty stands for NextGeneration Party.

  • I found a bug on this web, how can I report it?

    Everything we do is for community, thus this web is open sourced! Please fill an issue or send a PR! ❤️


Founded in 2015, ngParty is the local independent Next Generation development Community group in Prague, committed to encourage, inspire and share JavaScript knowledge among its members.
#JavaScript, #devsUnited, #forDevelopersByDevelopers

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