ngBigParty IV

March 22 in Prague.6 Talks.1 Panel.

The World of Javascript frameworks is in CHAOS… There is a war happening at every corner of your favourite editor… in every tweet, people are fighting and arguing that THEIR framework is the best one…

Don’t you worry, ngBigParty is here to REunite all fellow developers and make peace once and for all by talking about various popular JS frameworks by awesome international speakers and far far beyond.


All talks will be 15-20 minutes

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    Mario Vejlupek, ngParty (Organiser)Martin Hochel, ngParty (Organiser)Viliam Elischer, ngParty (Organiser)

    ngBigParty conference keynote opening. "For community. By community."

  • AngularJS to Angular: A survivor's tale
    James Henry, UltimateAngular / UK

    Using the example of migrating an app from AngularJS to Angular to illustrate themes we can identify when navigating any major migration within a large software application.

  • How to build visual programming language for the API era with #NodeJS
    David Durman, clientIO / CZ

  • Why you should care about Elm
    Sebastian Fröstl, Small Improvements / DE

    The JS environment is currently probably the fastest growing development ecosystem. What do you do when new concepts pop up within months? Can you still embrace new technologies? How can you ensure minimal dependency on a framework? How can you migrate without rewriting from scratch? At Small Improvements we’ve build a huge AngularJS application and are on our way to migrate to React/Redux. I want to share our strategy, patterns and lessons learned from taking on that journey.

  • Dinner break

    Take a break! Enjoy complimentary dinner from our partners!

  • Why you should care about Elm
    Tereza Sokol, NoRedInk / DK

    Ensuring maintainability and reliability in large web projects is notoriously challenging and this is partially due to JavaScript’s language design. As an alternative to Javascript, Elm is a typed, purely functional language compiling to Javascript, designed to guide you towards better applications while giving you the best possible developer experience, by way of static analysis of your code.

  • A Vue over React
    Andrei Pfeiffer, [e-spres-oh] / RO

    This talk is an overview on Vue's ecosystem, in comparison to React.

  • 6 months of taming the React-Native unicorn
    Jaroslav Minařík, MSD / CZ

    A talk about how we managed to harness and embrace the React-Native technology. How we got an app from zero to production, some of us without previous experience with mobile development. In a corporate environment.

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  • Andrei Pfeiffer, [e-spres-oh]

    Code Designer @[e-spres-oh], Mentor @[e-spres-oh] Academy, Co-organizer @tim.js

  • Jaroslav Minařík, MSD

    I like pizza!

  • James Henry, UltimateAngular

    Member of the ESLint Core Team, I am a TypeScript evangelist and long-term Angular user. I produce in-depth training coursers over on

  • Tereza Sokol, NoRedInk

    I've been a frontend developer for about four years now and is currently working with Elm at NoRedInk!

  • Sebastian Fröstl, Small Improvements

    Team Lead. Software Engineer. Trainer. Coach. Devoted to Personal Development. Organizer of @angular_berlin.

  • David Durman, clientIO

    Founder and CEO of client IO. @app_mixer, @jointjs, Co-founder of @thermosmarteu. Passionate about Cloud, Visual tools and IoT.



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Dlouhá 33110 00 Praha 1-Staré MěstoPragueCzech Republic

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything?
No - tickets are free of charge.
Who is the event for?
Web developers who seek for new technologies and have a fun
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We'll try to confirm you within less than a week!